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    Listen to Dr.Alvin Pettle on Blog Talk Radio! Dr.Pettle has been a leader in women's health and well-being for over 30 years. His practice features integrative medicine with a focus on bio-identical hormones, anti-aging and more. He is a well known seminar speaker and author.
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  • Bio-Identical Hormones

    Made from botanical plants such as soy and yams. The human body cannot convert soy or yams directly into natural hormones, so the natural plants must be pharmaceutically processed to produce natural bio-identical progesterone
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  • Dr.Pettle's Bio

    Dr.Pettle has been recognized as a pioneer Canadian gynecologist who practices integrative medicine. He graduated from the University of Toronto medical school in 1969 and received his fellowship on obstetrics and gynecology in 1974.
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