Gail Hasler

When I next saw Dr. W., he gave me a prescription for Lorazepam, and that kept me sane until I FINALLY met with Dr. Pettle whom I found FAR more calming than the drug, Lorazepam.  But, finding Dr. Pettle was no easy task.

Allow me to digress.

In late May one of my friends in Toronto e-mailed me about a wonderful book she had read by a Dr. John Lee: 'What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Breast Cancer'.  That was my introduction to bio-identical hormones.  I then began to read EVERYTHING I could find on the subject while searching for a doctor who knew something/anything about bio-identical hormones. Finding such a doctor came to seem impossible.  I still remain in awe of the fact that I ACTUALLY DID find Dr. Pettle.

It was my friend who had told me about Dr. John Lee, who, quite byaccident, heard about Dr. Pettle and gave me his name.  (By the way, neither Dr. Pettle nor my friend believes in 'accidents'.En route from Ottawa to Toronto with my husband to an appointment with Dr.  Pettle on June 24th, I worried aloud that I was placing altogether too much hope in Dr. Pettle.

On the trip back, I marveled that there had been NO disappointment, onlyRELIEF!  Dr. Pettle immediately impressed me as not only knowledgeable about bio-identical hormones, but also as an intelligent, kind, sensitive, empathetic, caring, person who could, and would, help me.
Reading about bio-identical hormones had convinced me that I needed natural progesterone to promote differentiation in any cancerous cells that might remain in my body after the surgery, and I now believe that since the progesterone cream, which Dr. Pettle prescribed for me on that very first visit, has totally eliminated my previous hot flashes, that the progesterone cream is also very likely slowing the proliferation of any cancerous cells that might remain.
I now find myself crying with gratitude that I found Dr. Pettle, because I truly believe he gave me my life back.  His willingness to leave the security of his position as Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at The Etobicoke General Hospital in Toronto, to establish The Ruth Pettle Wellness Centre, and to pioneer in the field of bio-identical hormones, bespeaks a man committed to an unselfish dedication to help those he can.
I, for one, say 'Thank you!'


Testimonial from Spiritual Friends and Patient

Dr. Tom and Sylvia Scott

Tom and I so appreciate the CD you kindly gave us during our last visit. You certainly know how to "let your heart do the talking"! We were moved by your journey of Self-discovery, facing fear head on, through family, friends and patients. You demonstrated that no thing can take away your peace of mind. That is a choice for healing. Your message unites us, through love, focusing on our similarities, rather than our differences. We truly are all in this together! That oneness is what we feel when we walk into your office, for minds are joined!

May I share a glimpse of our journey? Tom and I were fortunate to meet Joel S. Goldsmith, teacher, healer and author of 35 books including The Infinite Way, before he passed on in 1964. He taught us that there is no God on the human plane. It was an eye-opener! After studying with Joel, we met Kenneth Wapnick, PhD. in 1995, who helped assemble A Course in Miracles (ACIM), with its scribe, Helen Schucman, in the mid-70s. The Course's "eye-openers" were numerous:

1. God did not create the world we see, nor the body. The ego made this world of duality, and a body that is perishable. But anything that is destructible is not of God. God is Spirit; indestructible, eternal ... Everything is either an expression of Lvoe, or a call for Love.

2. The world was over long ago (Text 589-1-6). Linear time does not exist. Now is the only time.

3. There are two emotions: fear and Love, and they cannot co-exist. One we made and one was given.

4. The world is a classroom, and if we so choose, every mistake is a learning experience.

5. There is no separation. We are all one. One Mind, One Life, One Being (I add one Driver, whenever I get into a car.) The form, or packaging is different, but the content, Spirit, is the same. God is. God is Fact.

6. Within the mind of each one of us are two teachers, the ego projecting guild and fear, and the Holy Spirit, extending Love and peace. The undoing of guilt is an essential part of the Holy Spirit's teaching, for as long as you feel guilty, you are listening to the voice of the ego. All illness and addiction is fueled by guilt. Here we learn the value of forgiveness, first by forgiving ourselves. God does not forgive, because He never condemned. He only knows us as guiltless, sinless and wholly perfect.

7. We create our own reality and we must take responsibility for it. To blame or judge another is to blame and judge our Self. "Two ways of looking at the world are in your mind and your perception will reflect the guidance you have chosen." (ACIM text 230-5:6.)

When I read the following lines from ACIM, I think of you:

"I am here only to be truly helpful. I am here to represent Him Who sent me. I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, for He Who sent me will me. I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me. I will be healed, as I let Him, teach me to heal."

Again, thank you for being, and sharing so generously,
See you on June 28th, 10:00 a.m., for a check-up.

Dr. Tom and Sylvia Scott


Testimonial from Australia

After years of problems with birth control pills, irregular menstrual cycles and conventional medicine that only dealt with symptoms, I contacted a naturopath about my problems. After explaining a bit of my history, she suggested I contact Dr. Alvin Pettle, whom she had a great deal of respect for. She explained to me that he was a medical doctor who practiced integrative medicine

My first appointment was back in 2000. I was impressed by the fact that not only were tests done, but Dr. Pettle also asked what symptoms I felt or experienced. I was struck by the fact that he was a good listener. As well as recommending various supplements, and herbs, and providing nutritional and dietary suggestions, I started using natural progesterone cream. I had read quite a bit on the subject, but I was not prepared for how well it worked for me. Feeling is believing and many of my symptoms were either eliminated or eased with his suggested treatment.

It has changed my life and drastically improved my overall health. I now have a more holistic approach. I learned many things from D. Pettle during my appointments as well as from his audio tapes and even his "thoughts for the day" on the office answering machine. I rave to friends about Dr. Pettle and his staff. I only wish that I had found them sooner!

Here we are in 2004 and I am now living overseas in Sydney, Australia now. I come back annually to see my family and my friends at Dr. Pettle's office.

Yours sincerely,

Shadi Ghani